2836950Il portale Zero Hedge riporta una notizia importante: lo Yuan cinese ha superato l’Euro diventando così la seconda moneta più popolare dopo il dollaro USA per le operazioni di trading.

Secondo quanto riporta il portale ieri notte (e la notizia sta già facendo il giro del mondo) “Slowly but surely the Chinese currency is catching up to the world’s reserve and moments ago, according to SWIFT, the Yuan just surpassed the Euro in trade (remember trade: that’s how countries once upon a time would generate capital flows in a time when central banks weren’t there to literally print domestic funding needs) finance usage leaving just the USD in front.

Chinese currency had 8.66% share in letters of credit and collections, or trade finance, in Oct., Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications says in statement today.
Euro’s share in trade finance was 6.64% in Oct.
Top 5 countries using yuan for trade finance in Oct. were China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany and Australia
Yuan market share in global payments was 0.84% in Oct. vs. 0.86% in Sept.
Yuan payments value rose 1.5% in Oct. vs. 4.6% growth for all currencies: Swift
And so while the “developed” world is busy crushing its fiat through trillions in annual currency dilution and debasement in an attempt to make its exports cheaper and outtrade its peers through beggar thy neighbor policies (not to mention inflate away its debt), the leader of the “emerging” world, China, is doing just that”.

Fonte: http://abceconomics.com/2013/12/03/lo-yuan-cinese-supera-leuro-e-diventa-la-seconda-divisa-preferita-dai-trader/

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